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Forum Ranks!!

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Forum Ranks!!

Post by SWiFT! on Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:46 am

LV1-Forum Member:
Color: White
The group your auto-assigned when signed up to the forum!

LV2-Friend of OZ:
Color: Yellow
A friend of the sub-clan, those who are not in the sub-clan but are friends of the members.
Those who are in other sub-clans or don't want to be apart of OZ are in this group!

LV3-OZ Member:
Color: Green
Title says it all! If your application is accepted, you will become an OZ member!
If you fail to follow the rules when in the clan, you will be kicked from the group!
Are allowed to access the 'OZ ONLY' part of the forum!
MUST vote -1 or +1 on applications!
OZ members MUST wear the [OZ] tag!

LV3-OZ Supporter:
Color: Aqua
Like 'Friend of OZ' except you are allowed to vote -1 or +1 in applications and can access the 'OZ ONLY' part of the forum!
You also are allowed to wear the [OZ] tag if you want to!

LV4-OZ Co-Leader:
Color: Purple
3rd in-charge behind admin and leader.
Co-Leaders have 20% less power than a LV5.
Votes on apps worth alot of marks!

LV5-OZ Leader:
Color: Blue
A leader in technical terms, is considered as a Co-Owner.
They are seen as the 2nd highest rank, the leaders will have 10% less power than the LV5. If you get promoted to a leader, you've got a big job.
Votes on apps worth alot of marks!

Color: Red
An admin/owner of the clan are the LEADERS of the clan!
A moderator is someone who keeps the site safe and will help keep the forum active, and clean.

Okay, that should be enough information!
Keep up-to-date on the forum and now you should know the expectations of your rank in the forum!


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