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[DENIED] My Application

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[DENIED] My Application

Post by KastrO on Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:37 am

Invited by : No formal invitation as such.

Very Happy  Very Happy In-Game Name:
Real Name:
Kaustubh but i prefer Kastro
Are you Australian?
What country are you from?
Indian Time Zone (UTC+05:30)
How long have you been playing Party Server?
About 17 days as referred from my stats page
What clans are you currently in or previously have been in?
[DIE] Foreva Laughing  Cool 
If you have previously been in a clan, why'd you leave/get kicked?
Are you experienced in Driving in SAMP?
Not bad
Do you know glitches/bugs in SAMP?
Yea, but I think it's a little annoying.
Do you use sawn-off shotguns or combat shotguns?
Sawn off shotguns
What gang/team do you play on Partyserver?
Mostly Nang ,  I switch to pimps or rich occasionally though
English: 0-10?
9  -"i am no alejoint"
Which other games do you play?
no other game..
Why do you apply for this sub-clan?
well to be honest i was confused between pf and oz then i had a chat with swift who enlightened me to the fact that pf is dead so  here I am.
Why should you get accepted?
Well i am a pretty good fighter  and  can handle criticism well and well [oz] is a primary ally of [DIE] so most of u guyz might never have fought me on foot so thats that  and I obey and respect all the rules of ps as reflected by my record .
What can u offer to [OZ]?
well if I am in u would have gained a good and loyal player thats all i would like to add


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Re: [DENIED] My Application

Post by xtreme94 on Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:58 am

you do need a formal invitation for your app to be taken into consideration.


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Re: [DENIED] My Application

Post by SWiFT! on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:56 am

Kastro I already told you, you can NOT apply without an invite of such. Also posting apps inside the ACCEPTED category is forbidden. Think twice.

Sorry buddy.


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Re: [DENIED] My Application

Post by Sponsored content

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